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November 28, 2023 No Comments

Learn regular GIT commands for DevOps Engineer

1. git init: Initializes a new Git repository in the current directory.
2. git add : Adds changes in a specified file to the staging area for the next commit.
3. git commit -m “message”: Records staged changes with a descriptive message.
4. git status: Displays the current state of the working directory and staging area.
5. git branch: Lists all local branches in the repository.
6. git checkout : Switches to the specified branch.
7. git merge : Integrates changes from another branch into the current branch.
8. git pull origin : Fetches changes from a remote repository and merges them into the current branch.
9. git push origin : Uploads local branch commits to a remote repository.
10. git log: Shows the commit history of the current branch, including commit messages and IDs.

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