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December 4, 2023 No Comments

Build a Docker image for Nginx Web Server

Basic example of a Dockerfile for building a Docker image for the Nginx web server: # Use an official Nginx base image FROM nginx:latest # Set the working directory to the Nginx document root WORKDIR /usr/share/nginx/html # Copy the contents of the local “html” directory to the container COPY html/ . # Expose port 80 […]

December 4, 2023 No Comments

DevOps Interview Question and Answers for 4+ years of experience Job Seeker

1. What is DevOps? DevOps is a set of practices that combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to shorten the software development lifecycle and provide continuous delivery with high quality. 2. What are the benefits of DevOps? ·         Increased software delivery frequency and reduced time to market ·         Improved software quality and reduced […]

November 29, 2023 No Comments

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Terraform Providers for AWS

The foundation of the infrastructure orchestration process is provided by Terraform providers, who act as a link between different cloud platforms, on-premises systems, and Terraform, the infrastructure-as-code tool. These providers effectively make it possible for Terraform to communicate with many APIs, giving users the ability to efficiently and unifiedly specify and manage resources across a […]

November 14, 2023 No Comments

Describe the Gitflow workflow?

Describe the Gitflow workflow. How does it differ from other branching strategies, and what advantages does it offer in a DevOps environment?   Gitflow presents a branching framework tailored to offer an organized and effective process for software development teams leveraging Git. It presents a holistic methodology for overseeing branches and encouraging teamwork within the […]

November 14, 2023 No Comments

Explain the difference between Git merge and Git rebase

Explain the difference between Git merge and Git rebase. When would you use one over the other, and what are the potential risks associated with each? Git Merge vs. Git Rebase: Difference: Git Merge: Merges changes from one branch into another. Creates a new commit, representing the merge point, with two parent commits. Preserves the […]




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